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Jersey Delights Websites - What is Website design?

The Benefits

Online marketing has no geographical boundaries; you will be able to reach more potential clients using the Internet. More clients means more business.

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Why Choose Us?

Our business is about making you happy.  We are the web designer for today’s small businesses - affordable, accurate and we listen to what you say.  

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Not Sure What You Need to Become an Online Business?

Starting from a blank piece of paper is daunting.  Let us help you to design your own website. Let us help you to take that first step to create your Internet business.

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How Much Will It Cost?

We charge a one-time fee for the design of your website.  We do not charge monthly fees. The costs are based on the time we spend to get your website looking exactly as you would like it to look, with unlimited revisions.  

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Designing a website is the gathering of all information that you would like your prospective clients to know about you. It is the process of brainstorming, pulling together ideas, planning and finally creating the pages of a website that meets the client’s specifications.  It consists of text, images, other media and a means to navigate through the pages that can be read by the various web browsers – Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari to name but a few. A web browser is a piece of software that allows the user to view the data available on this vast Internet.  There are no geographical boundaries, the Internet or web is world-wide, hence the name world wide web or ‘www’.

In this competitive world that we live in can you afford not to have a web site? We at Jersey Delights Websites offer you more than just affordable website designs, we are the website with the personal touch, we love what we do and we aim to please. Good website design is not dependent on the luck of the dice.