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Why choose us?  

We are a small business in the UK trying to make a big impact in this vast market of website design.  

We can appreciate the importance of keeping costs low as we are a small business ourselves.

We make our clients the most important part of our online business and we do not sign off on the project until we have delivered exactly what the client requires.  

We are the little company with the big heart and the personnel touch so needed in this modern day of technology and automation.  When you talk to us you talk to us and not a machine and we listen to everything you say.

Who are we?

My name is Marilyn and I was a Computer Projects Manager for over 20 years.  I joined forces with my partner Michael in 2002 and we share the hobby of photography, always looking for the unusual image. Each of us has our own unique style and favourite view.  I love sunsets and bright colours whereas Michael likes the sea, not just landscapes but actual wave movement. It is not always easy to capture that special photograph and we spend hours just waiting for the right moment.

How did we get into website design?

We have had excellent feedback regarding our photographs, from friends and family, with requests to put our photographs online for all to see. This resulted in the birth of our photography website and the idea to share our images with like-minded people.  We also like doing the impossible with photographs using a variety of techniques and software applications. We are now using our images to make other products – greeting cards, calendars, picture poems and little inspirations. We designed another website to cater for these other products –

From this was born our enthusiasm for website design and between the two of us we have designed over 15 websites for small businesses with wonderful feedback.
So, back to our initial question why choose us?  Busy is not always best and our designs have simplicity in mind, a simple website design is more effective and user friendly to both clients and the search robots. We are different from other website designers as we will go that extra mile for all of our clients.  We believe in giving extra value for money and will spend many more hours playing with various web page designs, investigating better and more economical ways of doing things, all without adding any extra charge.  We do this because we enjoy doing it.

If you can deliver what we need, refer to our ’About You’ page, we will try our best to get you a first draft within 7 days.

It is our pleasure to give you satisfaction and if you are not satisfied with your layout we will modify it until you are – 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We are more than just website designers; we do more than just website design development; so let us show you how it is done.

Jersey Delights Website Design 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Jersey Delights Website Design - About Us

Our Mission Statement

To help small businesses and individuals get their business online in a fast, affordable and friendly manner. Our goal is to design simple yet effective websites to meet the clients’ expectations.  We want to grow with you.

Clients Comments


“Overall the site looks great. Congratulations and many thanks for all your efforts on our behalf and for the prompt attention to the site, it’s Magic!”

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