Welcome to the Jersey Electrical Contractors Association

The Jersey Electrical Contractors Association organised a Charity Golf match between Electricians and Electrical Wholesalers at Les Mielles Golf and Country Club in August. Members were invited to take part in the event either as spectators or attending the meal  in the evening.


 The Jersey Electrical Contractors Association was formed back in 1947 when a number of like-minded contractors, keen to meet and discuss the challenges they faced, got together to establish a unified approach to matters affecting the industry. It also provided reassuarance to the public that work undertaken by members of the Association would be carried out safely by qualified people.

 A Rule Book was agreed and has been in use since that time – with amendments being published when necessary.

 As you may be aware, the Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority recently decreed that Associations  should not be able to set financial rates for their members and their employees. Ours was among the first to be affected. This, however, should not stop Associations carrying on with other duties and activities, nor should it stop the membership from working together towards harmonizing other aspects of their trade.

  Many new regulations and laws are coming into effect in our own trade and it can be difficult juggling running a business and bringing up a family.  This is where the Association looks to step in and keep businesses informed on whatever may be relevant whilst separating the wheat from the chaff of bureaucracy.


The golf was followed by a Dinner and raffle in the evening.

All profits from the event were donated to the local Holidays for Heroes charity.

(An application form can be downloaded by clicking HERE)

Summer Activities



To encourage qualified Electrical Contractors to become members of the Association in order to promote the Industry in the Island.

To promote the Association and protect the interests of it’s members and to safeguard the general public.

For members to encourage their staff to keep up with current rules, regulations and practices.

To ensure that apprentices follow recognized training courses and receive adequate training.


The Jersey Electrical Contractors Association shall be comprised only of persons or companies who, in the opinion of the members of the Association, have the necessary experience and qualifications to work in accordance with the current edition of the I.E.E. Regulations and, at all times, comply with the general standard of the Jersey Electrical Contractors Association and bye-laws of the aforementioned Association

Being a part of the Jersey Electrical Contractors Association has many advantages since we are forward-looking with our members needs and concerrns. At recent meetings we have discussed a range of topics which may be of use to members in the future. These issues are as diverse as settting a new apprentice curriculum so as to allow employers and apprentices to gain full advantage, to helping  companies to secure the apprentice grant more easily.  Also we have been looking at ways of setting up a scheme whereby some members with more than their usual amount of work can borrow tradespersons from other members who may have a short-term lack of work. This would be advantageous to all concerned as Jeraey can be a bit of a  feast or famine in the building trade.

We have also approached the States of Jersey about employing local companies for some of the larger construction works being proposed - rather than employing people from outside the island (this is an ongoing, uphill struggle! Also taking a more pro-active approach towards putting pressure on the Regulator of Undertakings about tempporary licensing for overseas workers.

 We hope we have outlined some of the ways in which the Association can move forward which interest you. Please remember, however, that the Association  needs the suppport of local electrical contractors to implement these ideas. We look forward to a new partnership and hope we can attract everyone  concerned in electrical contracting to join us in the future.

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Golf Challenge - One of our winners was Sue Carre of ES&M Ltd and she is holding the Metro Challenge Trophy.