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About Us

My brother Andrew and I have had our own family run business since 1994 and there are 6 members of our family currently working for the company which is called A & S McKay Sheet Metal Fabrications based on the Wirral Merseyside in the UK.

We have a workforce of around 15 people with a turnover of approximately £1,000,000.  We specialise in stainless steel and aluminium fabrications but undertake many different steel projects.  Our premises are 7,500 square foot and we have two cranes so can tackle the bigger projects.

Kanny Kitchens was born when my sister and I were sitting in my kanny kitchen and I was discussing what I had done with my old kitchen as she remarked on how lovely the effect was and where had I got it done.  She was amazed to hear that I had actually done the work myself and that it had actually worked out to a fraction of the cost of a brand new kitchen and with a unique look.

Kanny Kitchens - corner view of units

The original kitchen was built from oak units; you can see the comparisons below and was completed outside of my normal work time in around 4 weeks from start to finish.  

The doors, of which there were 35 in this particular kitchen, were clad in powder coated aluminium panels which were mastic fixed.  

The edges of the doors were prepared, painted and then lacquered prior to fixing the aluminium panels. New stainless steel door knobs were fitted.

This was all done in either my garage or my kitchen.

Kanny Kitchens - aluminium covered oak units Kanny Kitchens - aluminium panels next to glass blocks

The original back door and boiler were clad with mild steel and then powder coated to suit the kitchen. All the stainless steel trims were measured and trimmed to suit in my garage and then fitted.

Kanny Kitchens - boiler clad with mild steel then powder coated Kanny Kitchens - back door clad with mild steel then powder coated

The kitchen entrance door frame was clad in stainless steel along with the 6 other hall door frames and the skirting boards.

Kanny Kitchens - bedroom and bathroom doors clad with stainless steel Kanny Kitchens - kitchen entrance door clad with stainless steel Kanny Kitchens - corner of the kitchen entrance door clad with stainless steel

My fiancée had a brainwave regarding the space around the fridge freezer and suggested using glass blocks with colourful lighting behind them, so that night I designed a steel frame which, by 8 o'clock the following night, I had built a pre-fitted to prove the fitting.  By the following night it was powder coated and fitted.

Kanny Kitchens - glass blocks surrounding fridge freezer lit up behind

I also had the kitchen ceiling lowered to enable the lights to reflect off the units more and to modernise it, so I used the services of a reputable joiner and we did the job together, along with the new tiled floor.  My fiancée picked the colour schemes.

The beauty of refurbishing the original kitchen was that there was very little upheaval, with no plumbing required and no major building work, and at a fraction of the costs of a new kitchen but with amazing and unique results as you can see.  You will not find this kitchen anywhere in a magazine.

Kanny Kitchens - kitchen cupboard doors clad with stainless steel and powder coated Kanny Kitchens - edge of the kitchen breakfast bar clad with stainless steel Kanny Kitchens - corner of the kitchen breakfast bar clad with stainless steel Kanny Kitchens - kitchen breakfast bar clad with stainless steel

As I specialise in many sheet metal fabrications I decided to design, build and install this mirror polished stainless steel fireplace which design can be altered to suit many applications.  If you have an idea contact us and we can discuss your requirements.

Kanny Kitchens - mirror polished stainless steel fire place Kanny Kitchens - coals in the mirror polished stainless steel fire place

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About My Kitchen

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Mission Statement

We guarantee you savings of up to 50% of the cost of a brand new fitted kitchen with the free services of an imaginative designer.  This gives you the beauty of being able to choose the colour combinations to suit. We promise you quality products and services from start to finish.